Wedding repast

The wedding repast should be modest. Everything should be in the same atmosphere in which the Sacrament was performed: comely, joyfully and seemly.

The marriage feast should be modest and quiet, has to be far to any intemperance and indecency. Such a quiet and humble feast is blessed by the Lord Himself, who consecrated marriage in Cana of Galilee by His Presence and performance of the first miracle.

Your wedding is the glorification of the Lord. Praying before the repast and at its end, singing to the longevity of the newlyweds, all of these are integral parts of the Orthodox life of a Christian. After this, the newlyweds personify the image of Christ and the Church.

An essential and perhaps the most important part of the fete is the Orthodoxal scenario. You can come up with creative contests and fun games that teach kindness and love. Your wedding will not be boring!

Your wedding table will be full of delicious dishes of your choice, that cooked by our best chefs with love. All the products used in our kitchen are conformed to the highest quality standards and invariably fresh. Each dish is cooked with a prayer, added holy water and “Thursday salt”

Cold and hot snacks are prepared according to monastery recipes. We offer a wide range of hot course for every taste and, of course, the most beautiful wedding cake that our pastry chefs will make according to your wishes. All dreams come true in our hotel!