Wedding in the Saints Peter and Fevronia Church

The wedding is the Sacrament of the Church, in which God gives to the future spouses the grace of pure unanimity for a joint Christian life, the birth and upbringing of children.

Newlyweds who expressed a desire to marry according to the Orthodox rite can hold their celebration entirely in our complex. There are so many things that possible to do in here. For example, you can ask for the blessings of Saint Matrona, to venerate to her relics (the newlyweds can do this out of turn), to hold the Sacrament of the Wedding in the church of Saints Peter and Fevronia, to gather their relatives and friends for a wedding repast.

The Saints Peter and Fevronia Church is an ideal place for a wedding. Only you, the newlyweds, and your relatives will be at there during the wedding in the church, as we will close access to the strangers. The temple is small but very bright and beautifully decorated. So let your family life be as bright and beautiful!

A family is a small church. The family in which love of a mutual desire to save each other, and in which, for the sake of the other you can restrain yourself, limit yourself, refuses something for yourself – it is the small church. And then this mysterious that connects the husband and the wife and that is in no way reducible to one, physical, side of their union, the unity that is accessible to the church-loving, loving spouses, who have gone through a considerable way of life, becomes a true image of that unity of all with each other in God, which is the triumphant Church of Heaven.

An ideal Orthodox family, representing a small church, helps each member to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

The first miracle of Christ, described in the Holy Scriptures, was a miracle in Cana in Galilee at the wedding fete. It is considered by the Church as the blessing of marriage, and the Gospel of this miracle is read in the rite of the wedding.

The Holy Fathers repeatedly emphasized the high dignity of Christian marriage, indicating that it does not close the possibility to improve in piety. Coupled with faith and love, it brings a lot of good to a human.

Life in marriage has to begin with a spiritual preparation.

The main part of the upcoming mystery is the fasting. The Holy Church recommends to those marrying prepare themselves for the feat of fasting, prayer, repentance and the communion.

In order to get the Sacrament of the Wedding, you must have:
• The icon of the Jesus Christ.
• The Icon of the Mother of God.
• Wedding rings.
• Wedding candles (can be found in the temple).
• White towel ( a towel to put it under the feet).

On the wedding day, the bride and the groom must come to the beginning of the Divine Liturgy, where they will pray, confess and get the Holy Communion.

We advise you to hold a wedding celebration right there, in the refectory of our hotel. The beautiful decoration of the hall will create a bright and festive mood for you.

The sacrament of the wedding can not be performed on the eve of Wednesday and Friday of the whole year (Tuesday, Thursday), Sundays (Saturday), twelve, temple and great holidays; In the continuation of the of the Great Lent, Petrov Lent, Uspensky and Christmas Lents; In the continuation of Christmas, from January 7 to January 19; In the Miasopust, during the Cheesefare Week (Maslenitsa); During the Renewal (Bright) Week; In the days (and on the eve) of the Beheading of St John the Baptist (September 11) and the Elevation of the Holy Cross day (September 27).