Conference hall

Our hotel is not only for recreation, it is also a place where you can fully immerse yourself in the working atmosphere and successfully conduct business meetings and negotiations. The hotel has a spacious conference hall. It is designed for 200 seats, equipped with a video conferencing system, which gives you the opportunity to connect to the Internet at the same time with 10 participants located anywhere in the world. The picture is broadcasted on the main screen with an electric drive and also duplicated on the TV panel.

There is an electronic transfer system, which includes 30 wireless transfer receivers with headphones in the kit, which allows you to freely move around the room without losing the audio signal. We also have a separate room with a selection board for the interpreter. A wireless congress system is included, which contains a chairman’s console with a priority button and 4 delegate consoles.

All wireless conferencing systems are interfaced with each other and connected to a sound reinforcement system. The acoustic systems of the conference hall are divided into portal acoustics (subwoofers, satellites), as well as side and rear wall acoustics.

Come and hold a business meeting or a  conference in our hotel and you will see how convenient it is!