Meeting room

Sometimes there is a need to spend in solitude and tranquility not only free but also working hours. It is likely that you have a need to meet with business partners, discuss some issues in a confidential environment. If this is the case, then you can always use the meeting room available in our hotel. It is located in immediate proximity of the conference hall and you have exactly the same functions available as in the conference hall. There is also a wireless congress system with 10 delegate consoles. We have everything at your service, in case you need to negotiate in a calm and friendly atmosphere. You can invite your foreign partners to our hotel, as we have a translation from 10 foreign languages. You can also use the sign language translation service, if necessary. If you want, you can go online and broadcast your conversation from the meeting room for those who could not personally attend your business meeting.

The meeting room is equipped with a sound reinforcement system (4 wall-mounted loudspeakers, the wireless connection to video sources (projector and any TV-panel in the conference room and meeting room) and a video display system (TV-panel). It is possible to wirelessly connect to sources of video using a laptop (Projector and any TV-panel in the conference room and meeting room).

Come and use our meeting room – and you’ll see how convenient it is! Your business will not be affected during your holidays, but on the contrary, you will combine business with pleasure!