Our buffet

We have a winter garden, located on the second floor of the hotel. At any time of the year, its juicy foliage nicely pleases eyes, and the natural light is created through a transparent dome, situated right above you. The sun’s rays pass unimpeded through this huge lens and, refracting, create an extraordinary effect of height and space. The sunshine passes smoothly through this huge lens and refracting, create an extraordinary effect of height and space. The walls of the dome are painted in soft colors and, on closer view, you can see the wonderful flowers and birds of paradise, as if now ready to perform their unearthly song. However, we have also thought over the musical accompaniment of your stay. Some calm classical compositions, instrumental music or sounds of nature will create a unique background and will also take you away from any earthly cares. Decorative fountains with soft backlighting complement the elegant interior of the winter garden.

Just a few steps away, there is a buffet where you can relax at a cozy place and experience monastic baked goods, cakes, sandwiches, fresh fruit juice, milkshake, strong coffee or tea. All drinks are prepared right in front of your and the products of our bakery will be delivered “piping hot”, directly from the oven.

We invite our guests to look in here and relax in a distinctive atmosphere. You can have a snack or a solid meal, ordering a favorite meal from the assortment of our refectory located on the first floor.
The peaceful ambience of the winter garden will allow you not only to get away from any worries, but also to work right here at the table. In all areas of the hotel, you will find a free Wi-Fi network, as well as you can recharge your smartphone or tablet at the buffet stand.

You can also invite your friends, colleagues or partners here for a private meeting. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of peace, created in the very center of Moscow, paired with regales and high-class service. Here you will be able to buy some chocolate gift and postcards, as the memory about such a pleasant stay in our hotel.

Sometimes, in a warm weather, it is so good to have a meal in the fresh air, is not it? The hotel courtyard is waiting for you. It is securely fenced off from a noisy city and strangers. You can make an order in our buffet and we will set a table right here, in a secluded summerhouse, among the flowering bushes and fragrant flower beds. Tea drinking in the arbor immediately reminds us of old times, paintings of Russian artists of the XIX century…

You will be brought order dishes from the refectory if you wish some proper meal. You can easily order a takeaway meal, in case you have some long excursions or meetings. Our professional chefs will cook everything you order, carefully pack and you will not have to think about where you could have a bite on the road. Everything will be done with love just for you. Besides, all the products are the highest quality.

The buffet is open daily from 10am to 10pm.