Monastic Refectory

You can find perfectly organized meals in our hotel. In addition to the bar and buffet, we have a monastic refectory at guests’ disposal, located on the first floor. And it is in no way inferior to a first-class restaurant! Welcome!
At The Refectory, you can enjoy lenten, diet, and traditional Russian dishes cooked according to the original recipes. All dishes are prepared with the best quality products, including the addition of the Epiphany water and the “Thursday salt.”

We do not use any food additives, all products used are exclusively natural. Our chefs cook with the prayer, trying to make their work as a joy to those they are trying for! You definitely will be satisfied, no matter what dish you choose! The menu is quite extensive, and you will find something you will most certainly enjoy.
Moreover, we have a children’s menu for our youngest guests, which includes toys of characters from favorite fairy tales. Children can enjoy ice cream, cakes, and other pastries, that are available at our refectory!

The Refectory is a spacious and bright room, with comfortable furniture, that lit by loads of shining chandeliers. You will find tables with fresh starched tablecloths and flowers, as well as quiet and calm music. Everything is made for peace of mind and a pleasant meal!

In the hall of the Refectory, in accordance with the monastery regulations, one of the pictures depicts the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ. The rest of the paintings are the temples of the Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery and its metochions.

The Refectory is open daily from 07am to 10pm