Delegations accommodation

Monasteries in Russia have long been famous for their hospitality. Reviving the traditions, we have made everything to welcome worshippers with love and cordiality in the 21st century. Equipped with the most modern facilities, our hotel is ready to worthy accept a delegation of any level – both from Russia and from abroad. In our hotel, you can perfectly combine the pilgrimage to the Orthodox shrines of Moscow and meet the challenges of your organization at the same time.

Comfortable rooms of all categories – from standard to presidential, refectory with the widest assortment of dishes, including lean and dietary, health complex, conference hall and the meeting room, high-class service – all this will allow you to hold an event of any complexity, whether it is a conference, an official visit or a friend meeting. We also organize the spiritual component of the program.Such as excursions to the Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery and other holy places of Moscow, participation in divine services, prayer services at the relics of the blessed Matrona of Moscow, the option to talk to the priest, to confess, and to receive the Sacrament of Epiphany, hold a Wedding in the Saints Peter and Fevronia Church. There are some special offers for large pilgrim groups.

We have everything at your service, in case you need to negotiate in a calm and friendly atmosphere.  The hotel has a spacious conference room. It is designed for 200 seats, equipped with a videoconferencing system, which allows you to connect to the Internet simultaneously with 10 participants located anywhere in the world. The picture is broadcast on the main screen with an electric drive and also duplicated on the TV panel. There is an electronic transfer system in the conference room, which includes 200 wireless transfer receivers with headphones in the kit. This will enable you and your colleagues to move freely around the room. We also have a separate room with a selection board for the interpreter. All wireless conference systems are connected to a sound reinforcement system. The acoustic systems of the conference hall are divided into portal acoustics (subwoofers, satellites), as well as side and rear wall acoustics.
A meeting room is in the immediate area of the conference hall, which has exactly the same functions that will be available for you. In addition, it has a wireless congress-class system with 10 delegate consoles. The meeting room is equipped with a sound reinforcement system and a video display system. You can always connect from your laptop to the projector and any TV-panel in the meeting room. A translation from 10 foreign languages will be available for your foreign colleagues. You can also use the sign language translation service, if necessary. If you want, you can go online and broadcast your conversation from the meeting room for those who could not personally attend the meeting.

We invite you, your friends and colleagues to visit the hotel “Pokrovskaya” and hold a joint event! We are sure that you will appreciate the level of our work while touching the spiritual wealth of Holy Russia will be imprinted on the hearts of every pilgrim!