Our refectory

We invite our guests to visit the monastery’s refectory located on the first floor of the hotel. The spacious hall is gracefully decorated with paintings of temples and pictorial landscapes. A fireplace, mirrors, marble floors with ornaments, stucco work on the ceiling, exquisite curtains and chandeliers make a unique atmosphere of the refectory. According to the Orthodox tradition, the central place here is occupied by a huge icon of the Last Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ: the last meal of the Savior’s earthly life, described in the Gospel.

The monastic meal assumes that all food is prepared with prayer. Our chefs start the day with special prayers, asking the Lord and the Holy Queen of Heaven for blessings to work. The food certainly contains Epiphany water and the “Thursday” salt. In this way, our honorable ancestors have protected themselves and their loved ones from diseases and misfortunes.

Every morning our chefs cook a breakfast buffet for you, which includes more than 20 dishes. If you are fasting, following a diet or have other special preferences, let us know when checking in, and we will develop a menu specially for you! However, the best examples of our culinary arts are already included in the menu of the refectory.

There is no need to worry in case you keep a fast, as our chefs will cook any dish and it will surely be delicious. After all, where all traditions of cooking lenten dishes are observed (without butter, milk, and eggs) if not in the monastery. Our guests will enjoy the tasty monastic dishes prepared according to ancient recipes.

Quiet, pacifying music, calm atmosphere and delicious taste of your favorite dishes will allow you to rest and think only of the good.

You can easily order any dishes from the menu. Our chefs and waiters will prepare everything in the shortest time and will deliver it to your room.

If you are planning a celebration, such as an anniversary, a wedding or a memorable date, we are always ready to organize a festive meal for you in our hotel. The maximum number of guests is 200 people. The elegant table layout, exquisite dishes, musical accompaniment – everything is corresponding to the moment. All this will bring you and your loved ones the warmest memories! The refectory is equipped with microphones, which will allow each guest to hear solemn speeches and toasts. Commemorative photos made here on the day of the event will worthily decorate your family or corporate album.

The hotel Confectionery of our refectory offers you a wide selection of cakes and pastries all year round. You can order sweets according to the menu, according to a special catalog or create your own cake. Our highly professional confectioners will decorate it as you wish. Some greeting inscriptions, graceful flowers, ornaments or even a commemorative photo made on a food printer can be added in a beautiful way. This will impress you, and your loved ones!

For the least guests we offer the children’s menu with characters from favourite fairy tales with delicacies – ice cream, and also the cakes and cakes made with our confectioners.

All products from which our cooks cook undergo careful control. At preparation of dishes we don’t use any nutritional supplements improving taste, and we use only natural products. It is known that even the simplest monastic food is unusually tasty because it prepares with a prayer. All our cooks begin the obedience with reading prayers before cooking to which the Epiphany water and salt consecrated on the Maundy Thursday is surely added. In assortment always for you: juice, waters, light hot and cold appetizers, salads, desserts, fresh pastries and many other things. You will be able to have a bite behind cozy little tables in the buffet, to get something in number or with yourself to the road.

The refectory is open daily from 07am to 10pm.